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Red Angus Beef Based in Sebeka, Minnesota

In today's economy, it has never been harder to be a cattle rancher. However, McDaniel Red Angus is relieving some of your financial difficulties. Enjoy more success for your ranch with Red Angus beef cattle from our breeders in Sebeka, Minnesota.

About Our Natural Red Angus Stock

→ Raised without Chemicals or Steroids
→ Bred to be Forage-Ready Animals
→ Range in Weight from 1,100 lbs. to 1,250 lbs.
→ Include Registered Red Angus Bulls & Heifers

→ Made for Easy Calving
→ All Have an Even Temperament
→ Made to Be Fly & Parasite-Resistant through

Our History with Cattle
Currently, we are building a herd size frame of 3 to 4 cattle. However, our past attempt at beef cattle breeding was difficult. We started raising Charlet cattle but had to stop and sell the herd when a severe drought hit our area in 2001. The success of Red Angus breeding prompted us to get back into the cattle business to raise these animals ourselves.

Cow, Red Angus Beef in Sebeka, MN

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